Our Rates Include:

The insurance policy of Corfu car rental Fair Deal provides full insurance, covering all the needs of the renter.

  • P.A.I (Personal Accident Insurance) covering both the passengers and the driver.
  • T.P (Third Party Liability Coverage)
  • F.T.W (Fire & Theft Protection)
  • C.D.W(Collision Damage Waiver) WITH EXCESS (predefined amount).
    NOT valid when driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding , in traffic violation , NOT asphalt road or out of Corfu island.

Our Rates Exclude:

  • S.C.D.W (Super Collision Damage Waiver) - NO EXCESS ZERO RISK - This option of insurance covers the body and plastic damages or scratches also tires and glass parts. You have 24/7 ROAD ASSISTANCE
    NOT cover : Loss or damage to the car keys ,locks, vehicle documents, registration plates, use of wrong fuel or any damage out of Corfu island. ALL VEHICLES MUST BE DRIVEN ON ASPHALT ROADS ONLY.