Corfu Island - Introductory Notes

Corfu (Kerkyra) is an island in the Northern Ionian Sea, situated in the entry of the Adriatic sea and near the coasts of the Continent. The coasts in the north-eastern part of the island also approach Albania. The beaches have a total length of 217 km forming many bays and capes. It has a mountainous terrain mainly in the northern part, with its highest peak being Pantokratoras (914 m).
Administratively the island belongs to the Region of Ionian Islands. The prefecture of Kerkyra includes the islands of Kerkyra, Paxon, Antipaxon and Diapontia islands (Othonoi, Ereikousa, Mathraki). The total population of the prefecture is 107.879 residents, according to the census taken by the GREEK NATIONAL STATISTICAL ORGANISATION in 2001.

The capital of the island, the city of Kerkyra, constitutes the administrative, economic, commercial and cultural centre of the island and today it has a population of 25.000 residents, according to the census taken by the GREEK NATIONAL STATISTICAL ORGANIZATION in 2001, of which 7.000 roughly live in the limits of the Old City. The employment of population is concentrated in the tertiary sector, in the service sector, in the trade and tourism.
The municipality of Kerkyra includes the urban districts: the Analipsi, the Kanoni (Pontikonisi), the Figareto, the Stratia, the Gouvia, the Kontokali, the Kyra Chrysikou, the Potamos, the Temploni as well as the islands vido and Lazareto
The Old City of Kerkyra is a monumental ensemble, unique for Greece. However, the city is also full of life, with operations that are also part of the permanent population and not only addressed for tourists. From 2007, the Old City of Kerkyra, with the Old and New Fortress, is found in the international list of the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO, as a separate architectural and monumental ensemble that represents an important historical period. The old city of Kerkyra became the 17th Greek monument which can be found in the list of the world heritage of UNESCO.
Locations like Sidari canal d'amour, arilas beach, paleokastritsa coast, glyfada & kontogialos beach, achillion palace, & Kaizer brige are only few from the beautys that a traveller can see on Corfu island. Explorinig this island there is no doubt that you will soon enough feel the freedom & fullness that only the sun of corfu greece can provide.
We invite you all to see your shelf what is the meaning of hospitality, great views, spectacular coasts & great food.
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